Downcast / Hate Comes Easy

レーベル特集:Ebullition Records」でも書かれているEbullitionの最初のリリースとなったDowncastについて、歌詞と記事の翻訳+αな内容です。

まずはDowncastの7インチについて、その音源の最初の曲となっている「Hate comes easy」の歌詞とブックレットを翻訳してみました。

Hate Comes Easy

Your hate is going to burn you up
unless mine gets the job done first
Your attempt at status is a feeble one
you are nothing more than an itch that I can’t quite scratch
Media is your tool of publicity
you prey on youth’s lack of humanity
You can drop the tough-guy facade anytime now
you wear it like fashion

Hate comes easy. It comes easy for you.
But when pushed too far, hate comes easy for me, too
(there’s no telling what I’ll do)

There is a chilling wave that sweeps over me
when I feel the hate that you create
I see red when I hear your claims
of superior and inferior races.
Your strength (if you can call it that)
lies in your numbers
But we all know that every one of you
is just a coward… HATE


うわべだけの逞しさは いますぐ脱ぎ捨てることができる

人はたやすく憎しみにとらわれる 君もそう
だけど その憎しみを強くぶつけられると 私もたやすく憎しみにとらわれてしまう

しかし 私達は皆知っている
君達の誰もが ただの臆病者だということを…

Hate, a very powerful and destructive emotion, seemingly lies within us all and periodically surfaces to reveal an inner ugliness that may be inherent in all human beings.

Prejudice, whether based on religion, race, nationality, sex, age, etc., serves as an incubator for hate and subsequently causes a great amount of emotional and physical damage in the world.

However, hate can be used to combat the evils of oppression and prejudice in all of its forms.
Hatred can be a catalyst, used to spark some sort of action by individuals to promote peace and equality in a culture so vehemently opposed to them.


Hate comes easy for oppressors, but when pushed too far, hate comes easy for the oppressed…



Downcast – 7″
Ebullition #1

The Downcast 7″ was the first release from Ebullition.

The first 3,000 copies came with issue #9 of No Answers. Once the first pressing was sold, the ‘zine was turned into a mini insert that has been included with all of the later pressings.
ファーストプレスの3000枚には、No Answersの第9号が付いていた。ファーストプレスが完売した後は、ジンは小冊子に変わり、以降全てのプレスに含まれるようになった。

This 7″ will not be re-pressed. There are less than 200 copies left and when they are gone this record will be out of print.

Downcast – LP
Ebullition #4 and #6

The LP cover is also a 20 page booklet that includes lyrics, pictures, and a lot of text written by the band members.

There are two different versions of this LP. The first 3,000 records are scribed as Ebullition #4 on the inner groove of the record. This version had a different mix and doesn’t sound all that great. After these were sold the LP was re-mixed and re-mastered, and then it was re-released as Ebullition #6. The only way to tell the difference is to check the scribe on the inner groove.

In the early ’90s Downcast toured the United States with Born Against and Rorschach. After their LP was released they then toured Europe.
1990年代初めに、DowncastはBorn Against、Rorschachと一緒に国内ツアーを行なった。このLPがリリースされた後、Downcastはヨーロッパツアーを行なった。

Downcast also had one song on the Give Me Back comp LP, as well as one song on the Voice Of The Voiceless compilation LP.
Downcastの他のリリースとしては、「Give Me Back」コンピレーションに1曲、また「Voice Of The Voiceless」コンピレーションにも1曲が収録されている。

After Downcast broke up the various members went on to form Not For The Lack of Trying, Jara, and Born & Raised.
Downcastが解散した後は、メンバーはNot For The Lack of Trying、Jara、Born&Raised等のバンドで活動している。

Downcast had many drummers over the years. Something like 6 or 7 different drummers in total. Chris Hervey played drums on the LP. He was an awesome drummer, but he left the band in favor of Statue. Chris was stabbed and killed on 1/4/96 by a prowler who had broken into his girlfriend’s house during the night. He was a great musician and a friend to many people in the Southern California hardcore scene.
Downcastにはその活動の中で多くのドラマーが入れ替わっていた。おおよそ6人か7人のドラマーが在籍していた。Chris HerveyはLPでドラムを演奏した。彼は素晴らしいドラマーだったが、彼は彫刻家の道を選んでバンドを離れた。Chrisは、夜中に彼のガールフレンドの家に侵入した泥棒によって96年1月4日に刺され、殺された。彼は偉大なミュージシャンであり、南カリフォルニアのハードコアシーンに多くの友人がいた。

At some point we had wanted to do a Downcast discography CD, but it never materialized. However, Downcast is potentially getting back together in 2016. They will be practicing in December of 2015 with the goal it, at the very least, record the 4 tracks that they wrote but never recorded. Additionally, they have been writing new songs and would like to play some shows and perhaps release a new LP. If this new LP occurs or if they four lost songs are recorded then I think it might be appropriate to release the vinyl with a Downcast discography CD. So the CD wouldn’t be a stand along product, but it would at least exist. As we get more concrete information about what is happening we will solidify our plans.

The LP version will not be re-pressed. There are less than 300 copies left and when they are gone this record will be out of print.

V/A – Give Me Back LP
Ebullition #4

The Give Me Back LP helped to define Ebullition’s identity.
「Give Me Back」はEbullitionのアイデンティティを定義する役割を果たした。

On a musical level it captured the essence of the Ebullition sound with a line-up that included ten bands that would do major releases on Ebullition over the course of the next few years; of all of the compilations released on Ebullition only the Give Me Back LP can truly be called a compilation of Ebullition bands.
Ebullitionでリリースされた全てのコンピレーションのうち、「Give Me Back」だけが本当にEbullitionのバンドのコンピレーションと言えるものだ。

On an ideological level the Give Me Back LP also managed to achieve the political goals of the label.
Every band wrote a song specifically about some issue concerning the gender theme, and the 32 page booklet also features articles and essays about gender issues.
In addition the compilation was a benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Planned Parenthood, and Shelter Services For Women.

イデオロギー的な面でも、「Give Me Back」はレーベルとしての政治的な目標を達成することができた。
加えて、このコンピレーションではNational Gay and Lesbian Task Force(現在はNational LGBTQ Task Force)、Planned ParenthoodとShelter Services For Womenの援助を行なっていた。

The first 3,000 copies came with fold out covers.
There were 100 copies on turquoise green vinyl.
There were 113 copies on red vinyl.


Featuring: Amenity, Desiderata, Seein’ Red, Spitboy, End of The Line, Man Lifting Banner, Born Against, Econochrist, Profax, Suckerpunch, Sawhorse, Struggle, Bikini Kill and Downcast.

V/A – Illiterate LP
Ebullition #21

In September of 1992 Downcast and I did a full European tour.
While on the tour we played with dozens of exciting European bands, and we met a ton of inspiring people.
When the tour was over I decided to do a compilation of all European bands.


Most of the bands that ended up on the compilation played shows with Downcast.
My hope was to try to expose some of these great European bands to American audiences.
I wish more European bands could tour over here in the United States.
Unfortunately economic differences and socio-political conditions prevent many European bands from ever making the trip.


The Illiterate compilation LP comes with a 32 page booklet. Half of the booklet consists of band pages and lyrics, and the other half is a collection of writings that I did between 1990 and 1993.

I was very proud of these writings. They were extremely personal, and while some of the context may have been too subtle I still enjoy reading them and am very glad that I was able to publish these words.

Someday I would like to combine all of my writings from No Answers with the writings from the Illiterate LP and Amnesia LP and also from the various inserts I did for the early Ebullition releases into a book. Someday.
いつか、私はNo Answersからの全ての文章をIlliterate LPとAmnesia LPの文章と、そして初期のEbullitionのリリースのためのさまざまなインサートの文章を組み合わせて、本にまとめたいと思っている。

Featuring: Voorhees, Ivich, Finger Print, Kina, Ego Trip, Hypocritical Society, Condense, Nothing Remains, Wounded Knee, Married To A Murderer, Gnezl Drei, Blindfold, Golgatha, and Abolition.

Downcast returns!

Downcast started practicing again in 2015. They broke up with unrecorded material, and that never really sat well with any of them. So they thought they might play again with the goal of recording these four long lost Downcast songs!
But then they started writing new songs as well. They just played their first show in Oakland, CA with Wet The Rope on June 2nd. They played a mix of new and old songs, and if all goes well they will record a new LP at some point. It was great to see them play again, so hopefully they will play some more shows!

彼らはまだレコーディングしていない曲があったが解散してしまい、 そのことについてずっと納得していなかった。
しかしその後、彼らは新しい曲を書くようになった。彼らは2017年6月2日にカリフォルニア州オークランドでWet The Ropeと復帰後の初ライブを行なった。彼らは新旧の曲を織り交ぜていた。

Fugazi Live Series FLS0212 Fugazi Isla Vista, CA USA 5/18/90

AGE + Downcast – Live im Blockhaus 09.10.1992

DOWNCAST “everything” demo
(アップ主は、このデモ音源の時のドラマーLance York)

Downcast LP


mike Rodgers
Dave McClure and i and my brother mark rodgers (R.I.P. little brother) of driftwood were roommates back in the early 90s. downcast is still one of my all time favorite bands. Ever.

Dave McClureと私と弟のMark Rodgersは90年代前半の頃、ルームメイトだった。Downcastは今でも大好きなバンドの一つだよ。

※Mark Rodgers
1968 – 2015
Driftwood, Shroomunion, perilisium cantos, Ha! The Disco Ah!, FlySex, The Damnwrights, Ribbon Fix, The Devil’s Own, etc.

YTnew2012 ※2年前のコメント
They broke up in late 1992 after a European tour. The vocalist went on to play guitar in a band called Not For the Lack of Trying. I think the bass player was in a band called Born and Razed. Guitarist left hardcore entirely, and no idea about drummer.
Any other questions? This was our local band when I was a teenager.
Isla Vista, CA. It’s a small college town about 10 minutes from Santa Barbara, CA. Most of the members were college kids going to UCSB. The guy that put this out still lives there and is still releasing hardcore records…at the age of 47.

彼らはヨーロッパツアーの後、1992年後半に解散した。ボーカリストは「Not For the Lack of Trying」というバンドでギターを弾くようになった。ベースプレーヤーはBorn and Razedというバンドにいたと思う。ギタリストはハードコアを完全にやめて、ドラマーは全く分からない。
他に何か質問は? 私が10代だった時、彼らは私達のローカルバンドだった。

I consider myself lucky to have grown up in the era I did (late 80’s and early 90’s), and that Downcast was my local hardcore band. I remember when each release came out…demo tape in Spring 1990; 7 inch I think Winter 1990; LP Summer 1991. I must have seen them play 20 times over the 3 years they existed. Those old Red Barn shows in Isla Vista, CA are now legendary in my mind. Ahh…to be 18 again.
1990年の春に出たデモテープ。7インチは1990年の冬だったと思う。LPは1991年の夏。私は彼らが活動していた3年間で20回演奏するのを見たに違いない。アイラビスタの古いRed Barnでのショーは、今も私の心の中で伝説となっている。ああ…もう一度18歳に戻りたい。

“Hate Comes Easy” has been in my head a lot recently since I live in the US under Trump.

トランプ政権下の米国に住んでいる今、 “Hate Comes Easy”という言葉がよく頭に浮かんでくるよ。

Patrick Culhane
Yes possibly one of the best 7″s ever….God we played this fucking record out like hell.
The one thing I didn’t like about this band is when they came to New York and I guess all there shows they didn’t want people to dance when they played..
Ironic as that is as they are one of the hardest fucking bands to come out to California ever.

おそらく今までで最高の7インチだ… どれだけこのやばいレコードを聴いたことか。


‘Downcast’, a political band from Santa Barbara, played metallic hardcore. They were known for their “anti-dancing” stance: an effort to rid the pits of the ‘tough guy’ attitude and allow all women in the hardcore-scene to return to their rightful place up-front or in the crowd (instead of in the back). The band consisted of Brent Stephens (guitar; co-founder of Ebullition), Kevin Doss (vocals; also helping out Kent McClard with distribution of Ebullition releases) and Dave McClure (bass). They had different drummers on their recordings (Lance York, Javier Vasquez & Chris Harvey – RIP 1996). Not 100% sure who did this tour but I believe it was Chris… They released a tape by themselves in 1990 and Kent McClard (whom I’d met in San Francisco a few years before and toured with ‘Downcast’) put out a 7” and an LP (both self-titled, ’90 & ‘91) on his label Ebullition recs. ‘Downcast’ broke up after the tour. Kent reminded me (personal communication ’93) that Sonia Skindrud (Exedra zine and Kent’s partner in Ebullition) started singing for ‘Not For the Lack Of Trying’ (with Kevin & Dave of ‘Downcast’)…
バンドはBrent Stephens(ギター、Ebullitionの共同創設者)、Kevin Doss(ボーカル、Ebullitionリリースの流通でKent McClardに協力)、Dave McClure(ベース)から構成されています。彼らはレコーディングの度にドラマーが変わっていた(Lance York、Javier Vasquez そして Chris Harvey – RIP 1996)。100%覚えているわけではないが、このヨーロッパツアーではChrisがドラムだったと信じている…。
Kentは(93年に個人的にやり取りをした時に)、Sonia Skindrud(Exedra zineの製作者で、Kentのパートナー)がボーカルで(DowncastのKevinとDaveと一緒に)「Not For the Lack Of Trying」というバンドを始めたことを私に教えてくれた。

‘Downcast’ wasn’t anti-dancing. They were anti-hurting people. They were fine with people dancing but not violent dancing that hurt people. There is a big difference… Sean Sellers was the drummer of ‘Downcast’ on the European tour. No one else was travelling with us. We had some people with us for a few days at a time but it was just ‘Downcast’ and I for most of the trip. I don’t believe ‘Farside played’ here…
Kent McClard

Sean Sellersは、ヨーロッパツアーの時のドラマーだった。それ以外は誰も私達とツアーに同行していなかった。私達以外の何人かで一緒に数日間を過ごしたが、それ以外のほとんどの時間はDowncastと私だけでツアーを回っていた。

I remember on that tour looking forward to playing at Vort’n Vis due to its cooperative, DIY approach. It had a great reputation and people I had spoken with mentioned the club along with 1 in 12 as their “home away from home”. I sincerely remember feeling the same there. Sean Sellers played drums for us on this tour and he went on to play with ‘Crack’, ‘Manumission’, ‘Shelter’, ‘Good Riddance’, ‘Real Mckenzies’, ‘Authority Zero’, ‘Blink 182’ and ‘The Transplants’. ‘Jawbreaker’ and ‘Farside’ were not there. I remember the ‘Disaffect’ people sharing their food and tales of Glasgow with me. I also vividly remember meeting Mike and Michelle from ‘Agent 86’ (I think we did 2 or 3 shows with them), liking their band instantly and sitting in their van hearing their tour-stories of Yugoslavia (!), cancelled shows, broke and hungry and not knowing how or when they were even getting home. [Mike wrote about all of that in Tremontane #1] ‘Downcast’ was going through our own emotional insecurity issues and I asked to join ‘Agent 86’. They politely declined and kicked me out of their van…
David McClure, ‘Downcast’ bassist

DIYに近い形で共同運営されているVort’n Visでプレイすることを楽しみにしていたので、そのツアーはよく覚えている。その場所は素晴らしい評判を聞いていて、「The 1 in 12 Club」と共に「第二の故郷」として名前が挙がっていた。私も、心から同じ気持ちだった。Sean Sellersはこのツアーでドラムを演奏し、その後はCrack, Manumission, Shelter, Good Riddance, Real Mckenzies, Authority Zero, Blink 182, The Transplantsのメンバーとして活動した。
グラスゴーでの出来事や食べ物と共に、Disaffectの人達のことはよく覚えている。また、Agent 86(私達は彼らと2,3のショーをしたと思う)のMikeとMichelleのことは今も鮮やかに覚えている。彼らのバンドをすぐに好きになって、彼らのバンの中でユーゴスラビア(注:当時は内戦が起こっていた)でのツアーの話を聞いた。ショウのキャンセル、金欠と空腹、何が起こっているかわからず、いつ帰ることができるのか、等々。
Downcastは私達自身の感情的な不安による問題を抱えていたため、私はAgent 86に加入したいと頼んだ。彼らは丁寧に拒否し、バンから私を蹴り出した…。

Downcast and Inside Out, my two main influences of what this Music can/could be back then when I was fortunate enough to see both live multiple times from the beginning to the end of their manifestations… very similar impacts, almost polar opposite endings (*don’t get me started on that subject!)!… such amazing, priceless memories though… … … .

DowncastとInside Outは、私が主に影響を受けた2つの音楽だ。